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General Healthful Nutrition

  • You would like to work on developing your eating and lifestyle habits in order to stay active and healthy.

Preventive Nutrition

  • You would like to improve your eating and lifestyle habits in order to reduce your risk of diseases

  • You are worried about your health risk. You think you need to improve your nutrition, yet you have no idea what to do and you are feeling overwhelmed.

Personalized Nutrition Plan

  • You are confused about all the information you hear from family, friends the internet and you would like to see a professional to help you develop healthy eating habits which would be best for YOU.

  • You would like a personalized nutrition plan which is CATERED to you, your needs, your lifestyle WITHOUT counting calories

Non-Diet Approach to healthy eating

  • You have been told you need to lose weight, or you feel that you need to lose weight. Yet you are feeling stuck, since all the diets you have been trying out have been failing you.

  • You would like to feel good about your body

  • You feel like you are in a trap of constantly counting calories. Whenever you eat too many sweets or unhealthy food, you feel tremendously guilty and bad about yourself.

  • You want to stay healthy, but you often end up overeating, which comes along with feeling of guilt.

  • You have been wanting to work on your nutrition for a while, but you’re ambivalent, since you DO NOT want to give up the foods you love.

  • You’ve managed to lose weight, yet you’re eating so little, you’re constantly counting calories and you no longer enjoy your food. You miss eating the foods you love. You want to regain the pleasure of eating again, yet you fear gaining back all the weight that you lost.

Developing LONG TERM changes

  • You recognize that improving your nutrition is a process, which takes a lot of time and hard work. You would like a professional to listen to you and provide you with guidance and support throughout the process. You understand that a quick fix such as a meal plan will not be effective in helping you with your nutrition.

If this sounds like you, book your free call with me. In the call, you will learn more about my approach and I will learn more about you.  Together, we will see if we are the right fit!

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